Communication is the glue that binds developers and operations staff, plus any additional stakeholders in the IT process. Without a strong communication layer shared across the organization, DevOps becomes nearly impossible to achieve.

Many teams believe they have got communication covered with a handful of tools. The combination of SMS, email, Skype and ChatOps tools—homegrown or commercial — helps them get in touch throughout the normal release lifecycle. But what happens when things break? Watch this webinar sponsored by Everbridge to learn:
  • How critical incidents challenge DevOps processes
  • What common communication practices cause delays in the resolution - process, especially amongst DevOps teams
  • How automating communications can reduce incident response delays

DevOps in an Unplanned World: Perfecting Communication During Critical Incidents

Jayne Groll, President of ITSM Academy

Jayne Groll is ITSM Academy’s co-founder and President. She holds numerous certifications and credentials including: ITIL Expert and Service Manager, Certified ScrumMaster, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant and HDI Help Desk Manager. Jayne is very active in the ITSM and DevOps communities and is a frequent webinar and conference presenter. Prior to co-founding ITSM Academy, Jayne worked for more than 20 years as an IT Practitioner and held several IT senior management roles. Her experience spans a wide range of industries including legal, telecommunications, retail, non-profit, insurance and hospitality.

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About the Speakers

Vincent Geffray, Senior Director of Product, Everbridge

Vincent is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Everbridge with focus on IT Alerting & Communications and IoT. He has over fourteen years of experience in the information technology business, designing, promoting and selling Enterprise IT Operations Management solutions including Critical Communications, Application Performance Management,and IT Process and Workload Automation. He's got an international experience as he started his career in Europe and has been in North America for the past 10 years. Vincent holds a Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science) and executive certificates from the MIT - Sloan School of Management.