Featured Speaker: Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

Imagine an IT department where there is no agreement on how much impact a given incident has on the business customer. In this organization one person believes an incident to represent a minor impact while another believes the sky is falling. If this sounds familiar then consider that an organization that does not have a solid agreement around a model for establishing ticket priority has no hope of supporting published service level agreements.

We live in an age of relativism where a high value is placed on the concept of independent thought and self-direction. However, when it comes to coordinated support activities it is critical that organizations have agreement on shared truth related to the impact and urgency of a service outage or the sequencing of changes based on value and risk. Without this basic but critical policy, process and cross-functional collaboration is next to impossible.

In this deep dive on prioritization, escalation, and alerting, Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research and Development at Pink Elephant will explore how to establish a business driven, multi-factor priority model shared by multiple ITSM processes and how this model drives automation related to escalation and alerting practices.

Webinar with Pink Elephant
ITSM Deep Dive: Prioritization, Escalation, and Alerting

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Originally aired February 14, 2017