You don’t have to work for a born-on-the-web company like Uber, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, or Paypal to know that a major IT issues can grind business operations to a halt. Having a rapid, consistent, predictable and repeatable communication process plays a major role in reducing the overall service restoration time, and minimizing the impact of IT issues on the business. Companies equipped with the right IT service alerting solution can dramatically improve the efficiency of their IT organization and therefore their overall performance.

IT Service Alerting Buyer's Guide
Understanding the Need, Related Costs, Solution Types, and ROI

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This white paper will dive into four questions you should ask when deciding on purchasing an IT service alerting solution:

  1. Does my organization need an IT service alerting solution?
  2. Which IT service alerting solution is right for my organization?
  3. What are the different cost structures that are offered?
  4. How can we justify the investment and show ROI?