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Original Broadcast Date - November 15, 2018

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) today are complex environments with a growing volume of attacks, a persistent skill shortage, and a complex regulatory landscape that requires more stakeholders to be involved in the incident response process. Because of this, SOCs constantly struggle to respond rapidly and consistently to the most urgent incidents. The integration between Everbridge IT Alerting and IBM Resilient helps SOCs overcome these challenges and achieve consistent, predictable, and faster response & resolution to complex cyberattacks.

Join experts Hugh Pyle, Product Manager, IBM Resilient and Diptesh Shah, Director of Product Management, Everbridge IT Alerting for this webinar to learn:
  • How the IBM Resilient-Everbridge IT Alerting integration works within your SOC to streamline coordination and communication during security incident response
  • Strategies to implement Smart Orchestration and automation in your incident response process to engage the right people at the right time to quickly resolve incidents and keep stakeholders informed
  • Actions that can be taken today for maximizing the effectiveness of your SOC and incident response process

Resolving IT Security Incidents Faster and More Predictably with Smart Orchestration

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Diptesh Shah
Director, Product Management 
Everbridge IT Alerting
Hugh Pyle
Product Marketing Manager
IBM Resilient