On-Demand Webinar
Original Broadcast Date - June 2, 2018

Something goes wrong and a P1, a Sev1 or a major incident is created in ServiceNow… but now what?

When every minute which goes by means more impacted users, bigger impact to the business, and higher level of stress in IT.
  • How do you identify who needs to respond? Who needs to be informed of the issue? Who needs to be notified so they don’t open tickets?
  • How do you ensure IT teams respond and are accountable, wherever they might be?
  • What do you do to make IT teams collaboration easy and efficient, again, wherever people might be?

And do you do all this from your ServiceNow instance?

Join Vincent Geffray and Bart Rys in a complimentary webinar as they explain and show in a live solution demo the power of the certified Everbridge IT Incident Response Automation fully integrated with ServiceNow.

With Everbridge IT Alerting:

Turn ServiceNow into an End-to-End Incident Response Management Platform

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Vincent Geffray
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Bart Rys
IT Alerting Engagement Manager