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Original Broadcast Date - March 20, 2019 

Every IT consultant and social media pundit talks a great deal about the importance of IT delivering more value to the Business. But what exactly is IT value?

A number of current frameworks are focusing on three key elements in the quest to more clearly define IT's value to the Business: Quality, Speed and Cost. Straight cost-cutting measures (i.e. 10% across the board) have often proven counter-productive to both Speed and Quality and, subsequently, actually reduced the value realized the Business. Quality and the pursuit of perfection makes sense to everyone but often forces a significant trade-off with Speed (Business needs it to be complete and perfect by this Thursday)! Many IT shops are beginning to zero in on Speed and Time-to-Market as the primary areas of improvement.

Join George Spalding, EVP of Pink Elephant and Vincent Geffray, Senior Director, Product Marketing of Everbridge as they discuss real-world IT time-to-market strategies.

What is the Value of IT?

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Vincent Geffray
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Everbridge

George Spalding
EVP, Pink Elephant