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Originally Broadcast on Thursday, July 12

Today cyber security is top of the priority list for most CEOs and CIOs. And because we all know that the first line of defense is the employees themselves, organizations have trained thinned their workforce to drive awareness and follow best practices.

Phishing is one of the most popular training employees go through to learn how to recognize and avoid suspicious emails. All this is great.

At the same time, employees are also required to respond to enterprise critical notifications in a timely manner. Sometimes these IT alerts or safety-related alerts are sent by third vendors on your behalf. How do you ensure these communications don't come through as possible malicious notifications.

Join Vincent Geffray, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, IT Alerting of Everbridge and Eric McIntyre, Sr. Director, DNS Business Development of CloudfloorDNS for this complimentary webinar and learn how:
  • Training on phishing may negatively impact employee responsiveness to critical notifications
  • CloudFloorDNS solution can solve this problem
  • To select an IT Alerting or Incident Response Automation vendor that offer a brand offering

Why Employees Are Becoming Suspicious of Your Own Internal Notifications

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