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Original Broadcast Date: October 30, 2018

You've implemented ITIL and ITSM and a CMDB and you've configured a CMDB which you keep up-to-date so every CI is well defined and ownership well identified. Organizations that use their CMDB as the single source of truth for identifying the right IT responders and defining the escalation process realize that it can very quickly take ages to identify the correct CI's at fault. As a result, this is slowing down their ability to respond in an organized approach and address the aftermath of an IT service disruption, interruption, security breach, cyberattack or change management issue. Failing to respond in a timely and predictable manner to critical IT incidents increases damage, recovery time and costs.

Join us for a complimentary webinar and learn how Everbridge New Smart Lookup Group capability helps:
  • Dynamically identify the right CI owners and IT resources based on the up and downstream relationships in the CMDB
  • Engage the right IT staff in 5 minutes or less when they are most needed
  • Automate the communication, collaboration and orchestration of your incident response process for faster resolution

Smart CMDB Group Lookup for Faster IT Incident Resolution

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John Cowie
Engagement Manager, Everbridge IT Alerting

Bart Rys
Engagement Manager
Everbridge IT Alerting