2016.Q2.04-_-White-Paper-Perfecting-Comms-During-Critical-IT-Incidents-MTTK-_-Thumb.pngWhen things go wrong with IT, your business is disrupted and in some cases, can grind to a stop. Everyday operations may become impossible to perform, and customer-facing applications can cease to work. IT downtime costs businesses and organizations thousands of dollars and when they occur, every minute counts.

As organizations plan for and assess the impact of IT incidents, one KPI that is often used is the Mean Time to Resolution / Repair or “MTTR” - the average time required to repair a failed component, device or resolve a service issue. The lower the MTTR, the smaller the business impact an IT incident will have. Download this white paper to learn:
  • The 4 different components of Mean Time to Resolution / Repair (MTTR)
  • What's required to reduce MTTR across all 4 components
  • How communications and the Mean Time to Know (MTTK) impact MTTR
  • How to optimize communications to reduce the largest segment of MTTR

IT Operations Playbook: 8 Communication Improvements to Reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)

Download the White Paper

Reduce MTTR by Optimizing MTTK