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Original Broadcast Date - September 26, 2018

Companies are dealing with critical events which may impact their business operations all the time. For IT, it's on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day. The more global and distributed the organization, the more challenging solving of incidents in a timely, consistent, and predictable fashion it becomes. Cross-functional collaboration, follow-the-sun organization, and hand-over mechanism can make processes and time collaboration even more challenging. When each region and department operates in a different way and IT incidents are left unsolved in a region it impacts other regions. When no one seems to be responsible for resolving issues and nothing is communicated to the impacted business users...It is time to rethink your IT incident response processes for increased visibility and accountability.

Join Brandy Ramirez, IT Manager at a large medical device manufacturing company, as she explains how they embarked on a journey to rebuild from the ground up their IT incident management process, stakeholder communication, and cross-team collaboration practices. Brandy will talk about how they started, what they've accomplished so far, the challenges they faced, their successes, and what remains to be done. 

Rethink Your IT Incident Response for Increased Visibility and Accountability

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Vincent Geffray
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, IT Alerting
Brandy Ramirez
IT Manager
A Medical Device Company