Value is created by process, but process is impacted by and highly dependent on leadership, team structure, environment and Automation. Highly directive leadership models can produce but also create silos, produce dependence, stifle innovation and create bottlenecks.

Agile & DevOps organizations have realized that traditional top-down organizational structures are not able to adapt and flex quickly to meet changing business needs and are experimenting with product oriented cross-functional teams for both development and support.

In this highly engaging strategic session Troy DuMoulin of Pink Elephant, and Vincent Geffray of Everbridge explore the use of the evolving concepts of Agile & DevOps teams and how they are able to increase velocity while at the same time reducing errors and downtime even in an environment with immature processes.

Specific topics focus on:
  • Team structure & persistence
  • A culture of accountability for results & CSI
  • Leadership models that enable teaming
  • Environments
  • Communication, collaboration challenges & automation tools

Webinar with Pink Elephant
Enabling Flexible & Skilled Cross-Functional Teams within Agile & DevOps Organizations

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Originally aired, Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant
Troy is a leading ITIL® IT Governance and Lean IT authority with a solid and rich background in Executive IT Management consulting. Troy holds the ITIL Expert certifications and has extensive experience in leading IT Service Management (ITSM) programs with a regional and global scope. He is a frequent speaker at IT Management events and is a contributing author to multiple ITSM and Lean IT books, papers and official ITIL publications including ITIL’s Planning To Implement IT Service Management and Continual Service Improvement.