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IT Operational Response Automation for Faster Service Recovery and Delivery

“System uptime and reliability are critical to Oakwood Worldwide. With a global footprint and operations happening in every major time zone, our systems must be monitored 24×7. IT Alerting has improved the ability of our team to respond to issues more quickly ensuring that our service levels are maximized. Our team has benefited from this application as it provides targeted communication to the right IT team members and offers the ability for our IT team to collaborate to resolve issues.”

– Merv DeGuzman, Vice President of IT, Oakland Worldwide

“Everbridge IT Alerting notifes internal stakeholders, and they respond, with 'I’ve got it handled.' The issue is then resolved, and nobody knows anything happened... The Everbridge brand is trusted. The beauty of IT Alerting is having a consistent, predictable, repeatable process with timely and relevant communications. And Everbridge facilitates every single piece of that.”

– Mark Hydar, Head of Development Operations for the MediaFirst Unit, Ericsson

Become A Success Story, Improve Incident Response, Reduce Downtime, Minimize the Financial Impact of an IT Incident