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Original Broadcast Date - October 25, 2018

The role of the CIO & CISO is becoming more challenging as critical IT events are happening at a growing pace across Service Management, IT Operations, Security Operations and Development Operations. Cloud solutions with a platform approach to response automation, communications and collaboration are essential to meet these challenges and enable CIOs & CISOs to deliver business value during critical events.

CIOs have shared across various forums that increased business costs of outages and increased risks of breaches in the face of shrinking budgets, along with the imperative to driving efficiency, increases their odds of striking out.

What you will learn on this webinar:
  • Best practices on how to better manage IT risks/threats and minimize the impact on your business
  • How leading enterprise customers are delivering business value today during critical IT events
  • Key insights on inefficiencies, costs and savings to help drive smart investments and ROI

IT Leaders - Don't Strike Out During Critical Events That Impact Your Business

Hit a Grand Slam by Delivering Business Value Across the 4 Key Bases - ITSM/ITOM/DevOps/SecOps

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Prashant Darisi
VP, Product Management, IT Alerting & IoT, Everbridge 

Don Gregersen, CIO, National Chapters Director, TechExecs Network