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Original Broadcast Date - April 30, 2019 

You've implemented and use ServiceNow as the one pane-of-glass for all enterprise service requests and incident management. When Critical IT Incidents occur, and need to be responded to in a timely manner, you can now leverage the Everbridge Certified integration for ServiceNow to resolve incidents faster than ever before, consistently. The integrated solution helps organizations to respond up to 12 times faster and reduce MTTR by up to 64%.

When IT hits the fan due to an IT service disruption, interruption, security breach, cyberattack, change management issue or datacenter outage, the service management teams need to coordinate the incident response:
  • the response teams' work (right IT staff) so they can restore the service asap (Reducing the duration of the Critical IT event)
  • the communication with frustrated impacted business users
  • the communication with stakeholders (Senior Management, Service owners, Line of Business, 3rd party vendors, authorities and regulators...)
In this webinar, Bart Rys and John Cowie from the Everbridge Professional Services team will share the best practices for predictable incident response which limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. You will learn about:
  • Major incident module integration
  • Operating within a single pane of glass
  • Automation of escalations to ensure engagement of needed responders
  • Out of the box contact data synchronization

Modernize Incident Response with ServiceNow and Everbridge

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