Original Broadcast Date - September 6, 2018

Many organizations suffer from measurement saturation, knowing that they should measure they measure too many things or simply go with the reports their software provides out of the box. This all too often creates an environment of measurement fatigue and reporting ambivalence where time is wasted, and improvement actions are never started.

However, meaningful measurement is a means to an end not an end unto itself!

In this practical How-To-Webinar, Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research Development of Pink Elephant and Vincent Geffray, Sr. Director, Product Marketing of Everbridge will take a deep dive into value-based measurement design based on Lean principles and will walk you through its practical application to IT Incident Response. Topics which will be covered include:

  • Translating Voice of Customer to Critical to Quality measures
  • The relationship of Critical Success Factors to KPI's
  • How to establish performance targets, policies and variance thresholds
  • Applying valued based measurement to IT Incident Response 

Value Based Measures - Tying Measurement & Monitoring to Customer Requirements 

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Vincent Geffray
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, IT Alerting
Troy DuMoulin
VP, Research & Development
Pink Elephant